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Catherine A Hogan: Neuro-Communications Specialist

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Catherine A Hogan: Neuro-Communications Specialist

The art of communication goes beyond words, gestures, and tone; it involves a subtle yet crucial process called "mentalizing." This genetic brain network helps us decipher the mental states of others and understand how they might respond to us. However, variations in this network can lead to challenges in communication effectiveness, even in people with average to superior intelligence. As a result, establishing and maintaining connections with others can be difficult.

For more than thirty years, I have honed an approach called "Genuine Inquiry," which is specifically designed for adults with Asperger's Syndrome, mild autism, or similar neuro-diverse presentations, as well as anyone struggling with communication challenges. This approach is focused on addressing difficulties that persist even after other interventions have been tried. By providing tools for bridging communication differences as equals, "Genuine Inquiry" can improve relationships at home, in dating, and at work.

Communication differences are as unique and inherent as fingerprints, but they are often invisible to both the sender and receiver of communication. My approach can empower you to become more confident and embrace your diversity as a valuable asset.



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