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Rahimeh Andalibian

Please note that the treatment providers listed in this directory have indicated they are experienced in working with adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder. However, their inclusion in this directory is not an endorsement or recommendation of a provider by Dr. Kenneth Roberson or of a provider’s ability to meet your specific needs. The choice of a treatment provider from this directory is entirely up to you, and other providers likely exist beyond those in this directory that may provide treatment for your needs.

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Rahimeh Andalibian

Autism can present both strengths and challenges due to the neurodevelopmental differences experienced by those diagnosed. By recognizing and comprehending these distinctions, we can appreciate and enhance each person's unique abilities.

In many cases, our clients have endured undiagnosed or untreated conditions for a significant period, with their childhood encounters frequently being disregarded, misconstrued, or unacknowledged. This underdiagnosis or misdiagnosis is often more prevalent among women on the autism spectrum and individuals from diverse cultural and racial backgrounds.

Living with autism can create perplexity and anguish for adults who have gone untreated since childhood, causing adverse effects on their social, intellectual, and relational aspects of life. At Spectrum, we recognize the impact of neurodiversity on the nervous system and personal relationships. We understand that the disparity between an individual's logical and intellectual comprehension and their social and intuitive understanding, combined with mind blindness, can lead to challenges in relationships, socialization, and work. Additionally, our clients frequently express experiencing "micro-rejections" on a daily basis, which can be traumatic.

Despite the potential difficulties of receiving a diagnosis and seeking assistance, we have found that it is often a relieving experience. Such an understanding can be life-changing for individuals, couples, and families.



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Dr. Kenneth Roberson

Dr. Kenneth Roberson is an Adult Autism Psychologist in San Francisco with over 30 years of experience. Click below to ask a question or schedule an appointment.

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