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Apply for Neurodiverse Couple’s Therapy

Three Step Application Process

I ask every person to complete a set of questionnaires & forms before getting them started. These are required for all my services. You can contact me to confirm the completion of all required forms & questionnaires. Then I will contact you to schedule the date and time of your appointment.

Step One: Read My Services

Please make sure you have read the relevant services pages in full. They will answer many of your questions. Additionally, they will explain the benefits, objectives and processes of the service. They will make clear what the service involves.

Step Two: Forms

Our work together requires that you be aware of certain policies. You will find a description of my general office policies and those regarding telehealth in two forms below. Please read them carefully. If we determine that it would be in the best interest of our work for me to talk with someone who knows you, I will also ask you to fill out the Release of Information form. 

Download, Sign & Return The Following 3 Forms

Instructions: Click on each of the 3 links below. Clicking on a link will open the PDF form in a new browser tab. You will see the corresponding form. Please download (save to file) all 3 of them. Read, fill out & sign each as indicated.

Then, email them to me at:

Step Three: Connect With Me

After completing Steps 1 & 2, you can contact me through the form below. I will connect with you to schedule a convenient time for our first meet.

The Essential Guide

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