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4 Aspergers Relationship Problems and their Solutions

4 Aspergers Relationship Problems and their Solutions

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Video Summary

  • The video discusses four common relationship problems experienced by individuals with autism or Asperger’s.
  • The first issue is that some individuals with autism may struggle to understand the concept of a relationship and social interaction, but this can be improved with communication and patience.
  • The second problem involves difficulties in conversation, such as not knowing what topics are appropriate or struggling to maintain a conversation. Encouraging open communication and providing guidance can help address this challenge.
  • Understanding emotions is a third issue, as some individuals with autism may find it challenging to grasp and respond to others’ emotions. Seeking support from someone close to the individual who can better explain emotions may be beneficial.
  • Lastly, individuals with autism may have trouble with social skills, such as reading social cues and knowing when to adjust their behavior. These skills can be learned and improved over time with effort and practice.
  • The video encourages working together to address these challenges in relationships and emphasizes that individuals with autism can make great partners with understanding and support.

Dr. Kenneth Roberson

Dr. Kenneth Roberson is an Adult Autism Psychologist in San Francisco with over 30 years of experience. Click below to ask a question or schedule an appointment.

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