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Dr Peter Enticott, MAPrc, researches autism spectrum disorder

Dr Peter Enticott, MAPrc, researches autism spectrum disorder

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Author: Central Clinical School, Monash University

Video Summary

  • Dr. Peter Enticott is a senior research fellow at MAPrc (Monash Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre) specializing in autism spectrum disorder (ASD) research.
  • His research focuses on understanding how the brain functions differently in individuals with ASD and translating this knowledge into biomedical treatments for core ASD symptoms.
  • ASD has a rising prevalence rate, affecting about 1 in 88 children, with a higher ratio among boys, yet no validated biomedical treatments currently exist for its core symptoms.
  • Dr. Enticott’s research includes brain stimulation techniques like transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), targeting brain regions associated with social understanding in ASD individuals to improve brain response and social symptoms.
  • The collaborative and cutting-edge research environment at MAPrc offers unique opportunities for interdisciplinary research, including psychology, psychiatry, engineering, and physics, to advance understanding and treatment of clinical conditions like autism, depression, and schizophrenia.

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