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LSE Research | Brett Heasman on improving public understanding of autism

LSE Research | Brett Heasman on improving public understanding of autism

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Author: London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

Video Summary

  • The transcript discusses the need to improve public understanding of autism and highlights the limitations of existing representations of autism in media.
  • It mentions how certain actors, like Benedict Cumberbatch, often portray characters as socially inept geniuses without explicitly mentioning autism, reinforcing implicit stereotypes.
  • The transcript describes the importance of an exhibition as a form of intervention to target societal perceptions of autism.
  • The speaker’s research involves working with a charity called Matthews hub in Hull, focusing on the social and cultural environment’s impact on social interaction for individuals with autism.
  • The use of photography and a video segment is discussed as a means to convey the challenges and experiences faced by autistic individuals and challenge stereotypes, emphasizing that autistic people have unique perspectives to offer society.

Dr. Kenneth Roberson

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