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Autistic adults find jobs where attention to detail is key

Autistic adults find jobs where attention to detail is key

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CBS Evening News

Video Summary

  • The video highlights a company that employs autistic adults who excel at focusing on details.
  • Many autistic adults struggle with finding employment due to difficulties in social interaction.
  • Autistic individuals often possess an exceptional ability to intensely focus on details, making them well-suited for jobs involving meticulous tasks.
  • The company, MindSpark, recognized the potential of high-functioning autistic adults and created job opportunities for them.
  • Research shows that individuals with autism rely less on the frontal cortex and more on the parts of the brain that handle details, making them skilled at tasks requiring attention to detail.

Dr. Kenneth Roberson

Dr. Kenneth Roberson is an Adult Autism Psychologist in San Francisco with over 30 years of experience. Click below to ask a question or schedule an appointment.

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