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Living with autism in London- BBC London

Living with autism in London- BBC London

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BBC London

Video Summary

  • The video features an individual living with autism in London, discussing their experiences and challenges.
  • Growing up with autism in London was difficult, especially with the unpredictability of public transportation and delays causing discomfort and distress.
  • Prior to their diagnosis at age 30, they struggled to make friends, felt isolated, and had difficulty forming bonds with others.
  • Tabletop games became an outlet for socializing without the anxiety of direct interaction, leading them to design games and events for others to enjoy.
  • The individual encourages seeking a diagnosis if one suspects they are autistic, as it can change how they develop and interact with the world.
  • They emphasize that autism is not their defining characteristic, but rather an aspect of their personality that they have learned to understand and incorporate into their life.

Dr. Kenneth Roberson

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