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Oregon Autism Evaluations LLC

Please note that the treatment providers listed in this directory have indicated they are experienced in working with adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder. However, their inclusion in this directory is not an endorsement or recommendation of a provider by Dr. Kenneth Roberson or of a provider’s ability to meet your specific needs. The choice of a treatment provider from this directory is entirely up to you, and other providers likely exist beyond those in this directory that may provide treatment for your needs.

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Oregon Autism Evaluations LLC

Oregon Autism Evaluations LLC can assist with determining whether an individual is on the autism spectrum, including adolescents and adults. Dr. Matt Lundeberg, Psy.D., specializes in the psychological assessment and treatment of autism spectrum disorder, and utilizes a collaborative evaluation approach to gather information from both the past and present. This thorough process allows for a proper diagnosis of ASD or consideration of other diagnoses that may better explain life experiences and struggles.

In addition to recognizing classic male presentations of autism, Dr. Lundeberg takes into account gender differences in ASD presentations. Historically, individuals assigned female at birth have been invalidated and misdiagnosed due to a lack of consideration for masking and camouflaging behaviors. Dr. Lundeberg has extensive training and knowledge in the presentation of autism spectrum disorder across all gender expressions and identities.



Psychologist, PsyD


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5200 SW Meadows Road Suite 150
Lake Oswego

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Dr. Kenneth Roberson

Dr. Kenneth Roberson is an Adult Autism Psychologist in San Francisco with over 30 years of experience. Click below to ask a question or schedule an appointment.

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